Filippos Gougoumis

is a composer/guitarist from Athens (Greece). Blown away by Progressive music and artist like Rush, Rick Springfield, Nick Kershaw, Styx, Journey, Def Leppard and many others.

At the age of 15 years had his the first electric guitar. After some years of hard training he starterd playing with his first band and lay down some shows at school.Then he was an active musician in several bands in Athens.

Years ago he moved to Italy for studying medicine.

After degree he start to play again.

In 2010 a Filippos’s close friend push him to write the songs for the first album called “Natural Prestige” and teamed up with professional musicians under the bandname “The Oneira”.


Gianpaolo “Banjo” Begnoni

was born in Verona (Italy), where he already started playing keyboard at the age of 7.

He had many experiences in different kind of music like Funk and Fusion rock.

Actually  he is a professional musician, he works with many players and at the moment teaches modern music at school.

The passion for rock music starts with listening to rock progressive music like Genesis, Pink floyd, Yes, but also Level 42, David Syilvian, Bjork and other eletronic music.

In 2010 he meets Filippos and so they create the band The Oneira.

Danilo “Sakko” Saccotelli

Born in Torino (Italy) play drums since 1987.

Self taught musician he’s also music therapist. He played with Zero to None, Brain Damage, Solitudo and Umanoia. Right now he’s the drummer for Kiino, Rock Siffredi and Victim of Illusion.

Influenced by Stewart Copeland, Bill Bruford, Gene Hoglan, Neil Peart, Gavin Harrison, Nicko McBrain.

Personal style: Hard, groovy and tasty.

Endorsed/supporter by: Verde Professional, DS DrumSound (Torino), Ideas for Drummer


Manuel Ruscigno

Lead vocals

Oliver Philipps

Guest vocals, Guitars, Synth and Co-Production